Available Puppies & General Info:   

~~~If you are interested in adding a Wingshot puppy to your home, please read this page~~~

It is   a VERY BUSY time here at Wingshot.....  please bear with me if I am slow to reply to your messages.   

** Vizsla puppies**  $1100.   , this price includes the cost of the individual AKC limited registration.   

We currently have NO  Vizsla puppies available.   We have had an extremely busy spring with lots of puppies....we have enjoyed watching the puppies grow, laughed at their silliness and yelled when they bit too hard, lol.   It has been wonderful to meet all of the new puppy parents !

We do not expect puppies (to be born) again until later summer.  I already have a list started for the next litter please let me know if you would like to be on the wait list (name, phone # & email address). 


** Braque Francais puppies**  $1200., this includes individual  NAVHDA registration .                                                                                   Jeff describes a Braque Francais as "a Vizsla of another color".                                                                                                                                  Please see their  info page on this website for their description.       

Braques were born February 26.  NO puppies are available.     We expect the next puppies to be delivered late summer.   I already have a contact list started....   Please let us know if you would like to be on the wait list for a Braque puppy. 


       **Be sure to read the info on the rest of this page if you would like to reserve a puppy. * *  

   ** Please note:  A deposit made to reserve an  available  puppy is non refundable.  **

  Recent Photos:  some past puppies and most of the current  adults  are on FB or Instagram;   you can also see PAST puppies here on our website, on the "photo's" pages.  We are   on Instagram as.....  wingshot_ala , and FB is Wingshot Kennels .

 ~~~~ If you'd like to add a Wingshot puppy to your home. Please read below for more info.... ~~~~

We want to know where our pups go and what type of home/lifestyle they will have,   so  if you decide you'd like to place a deposit for a Wingshot puppy we ask that you share your personal information with us.    We do not mean to be nosey, but these breeds are not a match for every home.   We do not accept a deposit without knowing information about the new owner...example:  household info (work, children, etc), outdoor activities, plans for the puppy, your experience with raising a puppy, how you know of the breed, etc.           

Vizsla puppies are $1100. Braque puppies are $1200. We  require  a  $200.  deposit  to reserve a new puppy. At the time of the deposit you need to specify if you want a male or female puppy.   The deposit is non refundable & non transferable unless there are not enough pups born to fulfill your reservation.      Your check should be made payable to "Wingshot Kennels". The mailing address is on the "home page" of this website and will also be at the bottom of most of the email correspondence.   The balance is due when you pick up your puppy.    For deposits we accept  personal check,  bank certified check , money order  or paypal (please use the payment address of   "wingshotkennels@gmail.com "   for PayPal payments).    For the balance:  if you are picking up your puppy at our home,  payment can be cash, personal check, or bank certified check.   If you want to make the final payment by PayPal please add 3% to the amount due to cover the PayPal fee, this is not required for the deposit amount.    If we deliver your puppy,   please make payment in cash.  If you message us with questions, please use the  email address:   wingshotkennels@gmail.com.

 I  take photo's of each litter after they are born and as they grow and send out to the new owners in an  album via email  or post on FaceBook or Instagram at various times to keep the owners updated on their progress.

 Most of our puppies are picked up in person at our home at  7  weeks old;  the puppy selections/placements are made on this day.  We do not require new owners to pick out their puppy  before the take home date unless prior plans prevent you from being here on the take home date.   If you are getting the "last puppy", we do not know which specific puppy it will be .... until the take home date.  For the pick up day we schedule each new owner a  time to come  in the order of your reservation number.  We try to make this day pleasant for everyone so if you will be picking up your puppy we ask that you clear your calendar for this day.  We understand that things come up sometimes, but if you can't be here on pickup weekend, we do charge an extra $50 to hold your puppy longer.  Your new puppy needs to be in your home by 9 weeks old.

If you can't come in person, we can air ship your puppy..... the cost of shipping is not included in the price of  the puppy.     The total  cost of air travel is   $425,   this is usually from the Atlanta airport.        The total shipping cost  includes the flight & insurance, a  travel crate, vet visit to obtain a health certificate which is required to fly, a 2nd shot and travel to the  Atlanta airport.     We put a couple of baby blankets in the travel crate (we never use shredded newspaper)  along with some chew goodies.   Puppies must be 8 weeks old to fly.  The total final payment (puppy & flight expense) is due one week before the flight.      If you are having your puppy air shipped, you will need to make your selection from photos & video that will be sent to you.

If you'd prefer your puppy not to fly, we can sometimes make arrangements to deliver the puppy to you.  The cost of delivery depends on how far we travel.  Also some owners have flown in, we meet them at the airport and they then fly back out with their puppy in the cabin with them.

PLEASE NOTE : WE WILL NOT RELEASE A PUPPY TO A "PET TRANSPORT COMPANY " .   If something happens last minute that prevents you from being here on the scheduled pick up day, please contact us immediately .  We will work out other arrangements to get your puppy to you.  DO NOT MAKE A PAYMENT TO A "PET TRANSPORT COMPANY ". 

We provide you with a "puppy packet" which contains various bits of information...examples: supplies you will need; vaccinations; food, plants & things to avoid; etc. We also provide a health guarantee which covers a 26 month hip guarantee and provide you with a record of the puppy's shot and deworming dates.

 All of our Vizsla's are AKC registered & all Vizsla litters are AKC registered Vizsla puppies will be registered individually and have an  AKC limited registration, this is a non-show & non-breeding registration. You must have a full registered name picked out for your puppy when you come to pick it up.        Braque Francais puppies will be registered with NAVHDA and you will  need to have a full registered name picked out when you pick up the puppy.  All puppies have their tails docked and dewclaws removed. All pups have their 1st shot & several dewormings before going to your home. The puppies are handled, played with and talked to daily and have visits from the grandkids.

Photo Album of Past Puppies

Below are pictures of some of our past puppies.......we love for "parents" to send us updated photos of their new family member!   Since the addition of the facebook page many of our puppy owners have posted their vizsla photos there.   Thank you to all of you, we love your photos!    Also........a few of our puppies have made their "acting debut" on YouTube !!