Your Updates on Past Puppies......

Many THANKS to everyone who has opened your homes and hearts and added one of our pups to your family. We enjoy getting the updates and photos!! I have copied some of your emails below...

From:  TB in NC.....Hi Anita! Here are a few photos of the first few days with Penelope Jazz Braswell..... aka... Jazz! She's just a doll and already grown a great bit from these photos. I'll send more later. She has just been a fantastic dog. Smart. Quick to learn. Nearly house trained. And already doing well in obedience training. She knows "No," "Come," "Sit," and "Down." This week we are going to start on "stay" and "heel" as we really begin working on proper leash training. She loves the whole family and loves sliding down Ethan's slide! Go figure??? She's fearless. Nothing scares her! The Vet is so excited to have a Vizsla to care for. His sister has two!!! He just thought she was the most beautiful Vizsla he'd ever seen and said that, other than scheduled visits, he'd never see us. He said that these dogs just don't get sick very often. I'm sure you already know that! Anyhoo, we love our new addition and can't wait to get her vaccinations completed so that we can venture out to more public places! Thanx so much!

From:  KM in SC.....Hi Anita and Jeff- Just wanted to let you know that all is well and we made it home in good time Wednesday night. The pup (whom we have renamed "Brody") did wonderfully. He likes the radio to be on in the car. He did not get sick and slept most of the way home.   My husband and older son were very pleased with our choice. He is doing brilliantly. Has only had one poopy accident in the house, and is going potty outside and poop every time we take him out. He whines sitting in the middle of the room when he has to poop, we've figured out.   Took him on a walk yesterday around the block and he was perfect. Sleeping 7 hrs through the night and wakes us up with kisses. He's such a doll.!!! Thank you so much for being accomodating with us and having such a lovable, sweet and funny baby boy.   We will keep in touch.   Thanks again-

From: CW in Tx....Hi Anita and Jeff,  Well we've had little Gumbo just over a week now and I wanted to let you know what a dream she is. She is so alert & bursting with energy and keeps Rob and I on our toes as she is always pushing her boundaries and trying to discover new things. In a week she can almost run as fast as me, can scale the stairs in about 3 seconds flat AND can also make it back down and she loves to play new games with us both. The only thing we are really trying to break her of is nipping, it gets a bit too rough and snappy but I know she is still young and we are working with her to put a stop to it. We took her to the vets and she was so good while she had her shots and got checked out, she was licking the vets face & wagging her tail whilst she was on the table having things poked at her, she just didn't like the nail clipping part.
She has settled into a new routine wonderfully,...... I am quite amazed at how smart she is compared to what I have read in puppy development books, she already responds to her name and is recognising the word NO!
I take her pretty much everywhere with me and she doesn't seem to be afraid of anything, even the vacuum cleaner doesn't phase her and she loves to meet new people and always has a lick for them. We took her to a restaurant the other day for lunch and she layed out the terrace in the sun and got so many compliments from people there. Her favourite thing is just hanging out in the yard with Rob & I and following us around. She loves when Rob rakes leaves and then jumps in the piles he makes. At the end of the day we settle down and brush her teeth then have a big cuddle together where she normally falls asleep on one of our laps and then we transfer her to her bed while shes sleeping.
Many thanks for everything, you guys obviously did an awesome job raising her in her first weeks.
All the best.

From: JD in La....Mrs. Anita and Mr. Jeff,   I want to thank you so much for our wonderful addition to our family. Hemi has adjusted well and has warmed up tremendously. He loves riding the fourwheeler, riding in the airboat, getting tangled in rope, climbing in the dryer, chasing brooms and mops, and sleeping in his oversized dog bed. I have attached a few pictures to show you just how much fun we have been having together.  Thank you so much!! 

From:  A.F. in Tn.....Hi Anita,  Gracie is doing great! She is such a good puppy! She did great on the ride home... slept most the way. Last night she cried on and off throughout the night but not for more than a few seconds each time. We set our alarm so we could get her up to go potty. Today she only had an accident once in the apt. She is eating well... and out of all her toys... she loves the stuffed bunny we got her the most. She doesn't have any interest in the Kong... I'm sure once she gets older she will.  
Thank you again for everything! You've provided us with a wonderful addition to our family. We'll keep you updated!
~~~and a 2nd email a month or so later~~~
Hi Anita!  ..... Gracie is doing GREAT! She is such a good dog! We have been working A LOT with her and it really has paid off. She is amazing! We had her potty trained in about a week! We were so excited. She's walking great on a leash, sitting, staying, coming, and giving shakes. She's doing great with other dogs and people & even kids.  WE FEEL SO BLESSED to have such a great, loving, sweet dog! She definitely fulfills the 'velcro dog' stereotype!   If you ever get up toward Memphis... we all would love to see you! And we'll definitely contact you if we are ever down your way!   You take care and you and your hands will be in my prayers! 

From: E.R. in Tn.... Hi Anita, Just wanted to let you know Greg & I took Hannah to the vet on Friday afternoon. All is well - she had some ear wax she got drops for, but the vet said that's typical of breeds with long, floppy ears, and nothing at all to worry about. She was the toast of the vet's office, with everyone oohing and aahing over her beautiful conformation and sunny, playful personality. The vet was impressed by her good bone structure and also how well socialized she is, so "kudos" to your breeding program and the loving environment in which you raise your puppies!! .... we'll enjoy Hannah as a permanent member of our family, and occasionally send you pix to enjoy!

From: M.A. in Ga..... Wow, I can't believe we have had Peanut for almost 7 weeks and I'm just now writing you! She is doing great and we love her dearly. We could not have asked for a better fitting puppy. She is completely attached to all of us. At first I thought she was a Daddy's girl, but really she cries when any of us leave the room. She and Hayden still have a special bond. She tends to get a little too rambunctious at times but we are trying to teach the boys how to get her to stop. Each day she gets better at listening though. We have her in a "Puppy Preschool" and the lessons have pretty much been one on one with the trainer. She catches on almost instantly and the trainer said she is not only smart but has an incredible temperament. Bottom line, she is spoiled rotten! Tell Jeff that although she loves her bird toys, she would likely not make a good hunter. She heard a firecracker the other day and made a straight sprint for the house. Looks like she went to the right home :) Thanks again!

FROM: A. in Utah....... Last night, we brought him home, and within 10 mins, lil Premmy pee'd on the carpet, tried to jump in the toilet, chewed on our silk comforter, and dragged his blanket all over the place! It was cute! Today, he has been retrieving tennis balls and bringing them back... and we are trying to potty train him. He loves to chew on everything EXCEPT his toys. He will learn in time.... He is very happy though... wagging his tail and loving playtime!... We couldn't be happier w/ him!!! He is a bundle of joy... and energy! thanks so much, Anita... for making our family complete!

FROM: S.G. in Florida.... Cooper is doing fine. He is a healthy 20 pounds and very active and we are enjoying him very much. He is trying and almost succeeded at climbing the ladder to get on top of the trampoline. (Remember how he cried and cried and cried when you put him in the crate in the car? Every day when he is put in his crate he still cries like that. He does not like to be left out of anything.)

FROM: S.E. in Georgia.... Just wanted to give you and update on Abigal-Abby. She IS a handful, so your website was helpful. It is good that I knew what I was getting into. She follows me around where ever I go. If I leave her in a room and she doesn't know where I am she starts to cry. It is very sweet that she has bonded with me so quickly. I think my husband and daughters are jealous. Suprisingly we have only had one or two accidents in the house. Thank god for Spot-Shot.... I am now beginning to research "chewing".... My vet was so excited because Abby is her first Vizsla....

FROM: S.P. in Oregon.... I just wanted to thank you for everything. Sorry I havent been in touch, life has been hectic but wonderful at the same time because of the puppy. He was quite the handfull when he first arrived...but what else would a puppy be! I decided to name him Cooper.... We are doing well. I had him kennel trained by the 1st week, so he was sleeping in that until I woke up one morning a week or so ago and wondered where my little puppy went! He was huge! Growth spurt didnt even come close. So we have been fighting for bed space the past week until his big kennel I ordered gets here, not so sure he'll be willing to give up the bed though. We've been to the vet, everything is great. He is becoming better behaved. He has all the sit, stays, and laydowns mastered. A few aciddent in the house on occasion, but nothing to worry too much about. We go for walks and everything is great...except he HATES being left alone! I just don't know what to do with the little-big guy. He's fine in his kennel in the car, but think about leaving him in the back yard or house? Not gonna be a happy pup!... Well,thank you again!... God Bless

FROM: A.S. in Georgia.... I thought I'd send you an update with the good news. The ride home went smoothly, as did the introduction to the new home. I took "Quincy" to the vet today and he passed with flying colors as a healthy pup. He's been receiving a ridiculous amount of compliments for being such a beautiful dog. I let him sleep with me in bed last night, though I am not committed to making that a habit, but he did just fine. Man, what a cuddler !!! We had a couple mishaps in the house, but he's also done a good job of waiting until he gets outside. We're already starting to make progress. We went for a walk in my neighborhood today and everyone was awing over him, telling me how awesome he was. I can't tell you how pleased I am with him so far, and I thank you so much.

FROM: C.S. in New York... What an intelligent dog! He has mastered sitting already and he has only made one mistake in regards to going to the bathroom in the house.....he seems to have grasped the concept almost immediately...he watches our dog a lot and I think that may have helped! Our other dog loves him, she is very protective of him but as Jeff stated, she corrects him when he is getting out of line! :) Samuka is quite the eater....I have never seen a dog eat so fast... Thanks to you and Jeff for all your great help and assistance with bringing him into our family. It is greatly appreciated.

FROM: K.W. in Alabama.... Our new pup, who we've named Rego, is settling right in to our routine. Big Dog Baron tries to ignore him, but can't all the time cuz he's so demanding of attention. He's going almost 6 hours at night before having to go out to pee. I don't sleep much more than that anyway, so its working out really well. Our vet said "He's a keeper!" when she checked him over... He seems way smarter than Baron was at this age (and also way bigger!). It may just be that Baron wasn't as bold or brave. Rego is curious about everything and anything and needs to put it in his mouth. Including my toes and fingers. I guess all puppies do that- its just been so long I can't remember Baron doing it as much. Thanks again so much.

FROM: R.J. in Alabama.... ...I purchased a male vizla from you... His new name is Hampton and I have never been happier. Although he is a HANDFULL and he is hyper as all getout, he is the most loving and sweet dog ever. Thank you so much.