A Little About Us ...

Jeff's love for the outdoors and “man’s best friend” began during his childhood as his dad taught him about hunting and the care & training for dogs. So, following in the footsteps of his father, Jeff has been involved in training, breeding & raising healthy happy dogs for most of his 60 years.  These years have been devoted to various breeds of bird hunting dogs, both pointer & setter types.   Jeff is an avid hunter, spending several weeks out of state during hunting season.  He also enjoys being a guide for quail hunts at Selwood and Otter Creek,  local preserves.  Jeff likes meeting new people and exchanging hunting stories.   For Jeff, an example of a perfect day is spending it in the field with his dogs. 

Occasionally we call on help from our family... whether its cleaning the kennels, assistance with training, help with pick up day or deliveries, picture taking or computer work... everyone is willing to pitch in with something.  Daughter, Robyn, has her masters in education and is a   counselor in the Talladega County School system.  She is married to Brandan who is co-owner of a granite installation company.  Brandan sometimes  accompanies Jeff on the out of state hunts.    Robyn & Brandan have 2 daughters. Catherine Elizabeth (Cate) is 11 years old.  Their youngest daughter,  Carlee Scott, is 8 yrs old.  Cate had her 1st experience at quail hunting a few years ago and thought it was fun to see the dogs work. Lately she has been shooting her 22 again & always looks forward to watching G.O. hunt .   Cate and G.O. are best buddies.  Son, Tony,  has a cabinet installation company.   He also has 2 daughters;  Ava Danielle is 11 yrs old;  and his oldest daughter is Hannah Grace,14 years old. His wife is  Brandy,  who is an insurance agent and has a son, Preston 15 years old... AND they are expecting a baby boy, due mid Sept.    All of the kids love the puppies.  Hannah & Cate  have learned to  bottle feed the puppies and all of them are good helper's.  You'll see  them in some of our puppy photos.     And me.........well I think I had the "empty nest" syndrome many years back.  Having the dogs join our family helped me with that. Later I developed a few health issues and then the dogs became good therapy for me.  The females are "my girls" and their puppies are my  furry "grandbabies". I love my girls and they love me back. I talk to them just as if they are a person... they are very good listeners. When we have puppies, I enjoy holding & talking to them as if they were human babies.  It is such fun to watch them grow up!!

All of our family loves animals and everything about the outdoors.   We take family trips together whenever possible and enjoy life as much as we can.  Other than dogs & bird hunting, some of our passions include: deer hunting, snow skiing, snowmobiling, fly fishing, camping,  wildlife watching, river rafting, roller coasters,  concerts and Alabama Football (except Jeff,  Brandan & Cate, who prefer Auburn)...   we love country music and the 3 older grandgirls say they are going to have a "girl band" one day, lol. 

 Below is G.-O. , with Cate, when they were both a few years younger !